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Our mission is to cut through the Red tape and simplify your building approval process.

A1 Certifier is a capable and dedicated multi-disciplinary consultancy with the correct solution-based approach in meeting and exceeding our Client’s expectations.

Our Capalaba Building Certification Services

Residential Development

Our residential building certification
gets you the necessary permits so your residential building project can begin on time and remain compliant with all regulatory agencies.

Commercial Development

Whether building a residential development, a commercial building, or an addition to an existing property, a building permit and certification is required to ensure safety and compliance with relevant building codes in your area.

Commercial Fit outs

A building certifier is required to inspect commercial fitouts during design, during construction, and after completion to ensure that the work complies with the original plans and the required Queensland building codes.

Swimming Pool Approvals

There are numerous regulations to follow
when building a pool in Queensland. We understand that this can be overwhelming, but our private certifier can help..

Town Planning Submissions

It can also be stressful and risky if you encounter complications during your development planning. Searching for council planning contacts and firms to determine if you can get approval.

Building Certifier

If you are doing construction work of any kind or altering or repairing structural building work, the law requires you to obtain the necessary building certifications and approvals from a licensed and registered private building certifier.

We Help Cut Through The Red Tape When It Comes To Councils And Planning Permits in Capalaba

If you need a building permit for residential buildings, we are the people to contact. We’ll walk you through the steps to have your building permit issued as soon as possible so you can begin with your project.

During the design of the building, the permitting process and the construction phase, we can provide you with comprehensive advice to ensure that the building you design and construct meets all BCA and other regulatory requirements so that it is ready for occupancy and use upon completion.

Need Assistance With Your Next
Capalaba Building Project?

We help make the process easier when you are undertaking any construction or building work

What is a building certification?

In Queensland, it is a legal requirement to assess buildings and structures against the Building Assessment Regulations.
These provisions include:

  • The Australian Building Code (Volumes 1 and 2 of the National Building Code).
  • Queensland Development Code.
  • Various other Queensland regulations.

Obtaining a building certification from a private certifier confirms that your building is compliant with local and state regulations. This also applies to future developments or subdivisions.

A1 Certifiers, the professional private building certifier Qld, offers the highest level of service. Our experienced construction industry professionals can certify your project through all construction phases to ensure a smooth process.

David McLean
David McLean
Michael and Karlie run a very professional service, that is well priced, comprehensive and thorough. It is a pleasure to deal with them and the team. Michael has an amazing depth of knowledge regarding certification, highly experienced in all levels of building.
I very recently used the services of A1 Certifier to help me navigate the [at times] difficult world of local government approvals. Michael and his team were excellent to deal with, very knowledgeable - providing guidance at every step and got the desired result without issue. I absolutely recommend the service that Michael and his team provide and will utilize their service again.
Andrew Woodward
Andrew Woodward
Michael and Stefani from A1 Certifiers have been extremely helpful in navigating the pathway to an approved development. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to all.
Bryan Pratt
Bryan Pratt
I approached Michael and the team at A1 to complete a building certification on a shed after another certifier went broke and didn’t complete the process. What I thought was going to be a stressful process was taken care of by A1, and it was dealt with in a timely and stress free manner. Would highly recommend their services
William Leckie
William Leckie
We have been dealing with Michael Van Dyck and A1 Certifiers for the past 4 years. Over that time we have come to rely on their professional services for early development advice, Building approvals, council enquires, relaxation submissions and approvals. A1 certifiers have completed in excess of 100 building approval for our residential and community construction business. We have found that Michael Van Dyck is extremely well versed and always up to date on any legislative and regulatory authority requirements. I have used several certifiers in the past but non have come close to the service I receive from A1 Certifiers. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a private certifier then you can rest assured that Michael and A1 certifiers will provide you a professional service and give you piece of mind that every I will be dotted and every T will be crossed.
Gregory Wenck
Gregory Wenck
Excellent customer service and excellent value for money.
Micheal Fisher
Micheal Fisher
Excellent service. Would be happy to recommend to anyone looking to engage a private certifier.
Chris Hindes
Chris Hindes
Michael and Karlie were responsive and helpful to us in navigating this process. Michael's knowledge and advice was key to us having a successful outcome. We would definitely recommend A1 Certifier to anyone needing this service.

About Capalaba

Capalaba is an urban locality in the City of Redland, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census Capalaba had a population of 17,333 people.
Area: 18.7 km²
Weather: 22°C, Wind SE at 19 km/h, 67% Humidity
Postal code: 4157
Hotels: 3-star averaging Rs 18,905.

Capalaba Neighbourhoods

Alexandra Hills, Cleveland, Victoria Point, Thornlands, Wellington Point, Thorneside, Birkdale, Lota, Manly, Capalaba, Tingalpa, Gumdale, Ransome, Wakerley, Manly West, Wynnum, Chandler, Belmont, Carindale, Burbank, Carina, Sheldon, Redland Bay, Mount Cotton

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Building permits require an assessment against the Australian Building Code (Volume 1 and 2 of the National Building Code) and the Queensland Building and Plumbing Codes. These guidelines and regulations address, among other things, whether the building is soundly designed and constructed and safe to live in.

City Council approval may necessary to ensure the public’s safety and the environment. For example, a large deck can cause soil erosion or encroach on the land. Therefore, council approval is needed to build a deck over a certain size in most local council areas in Qld.

We are one of the most affordable building certifiers in Queensland. Prices vary depending on the type and scope of project work and the different submission fees that are required.