Town Planning Submissions

Town Planning Submissions

At A1 Certifier, qualified project building certifiers, we provide a range of specialised Moreton Bay planning scheme services.
Our broad spectrum of experience enables us to handle a wide range of projects from private certifier Logan City to private certifier Brisbane, from development approval Brisbane to building certifiers Gold Coast, from the cost of house extensions Brisbane to the cost of building a deck Brisbane, ranging in both size and complexity.
Our expertise allows us to customise our services to your specific requirements and preferences.

Do I need a city planner?

Development can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but it can also be stressful and risky if you encounter complications during the process. Searching for city planning services and firms to determine if they are suitable for your project can be daunting. We, building certifiers Australia, will help you in:

  • Site due diligence and feasibility phase: application consultation, site constraints, suitability of use, timeframe and risk.
  • Pre lodgement and BCC development application phase.
  • Development assessment and BCC approval phase: responding to information requests, managing the Council’s assessment team and decision-making process, advising on conditions, seeking modifications, or negotiating decisions
  • Post-approval or construction phase; complete project delivery.
  • Plan sealing and land titling phase.
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Why choose the A1 Certifier?

We are one of Queensland’s leading urban planning firms. We pride ourselves on the way we work and communicate with our clients. We will help you conceptualise, design and coordinate the implementation of your project. At A1 Certifier, we have spent many years assisting Queensland residents and businesses navigate through complex permitting processes and provide efficient and cost-effective project delivery. Our customised private planning process takes the stress out of your project, no matter the size. When you need council approval for deck Qld, A1 Certifier is ready to help no matter what.

We’re a well-known building consultant in Queensland, and that’s what we love to do – what we’re known for – and what we do best.

Our range of town planning services include.

  • New homes and townhouses
  • House extensions
  • Terraces and courtyards
  • garages
  • Carports and sheds
  • granny flats
  • Second homes, double occupancy

A1 Certifier supports clients throughout the development process.

What is include with my fee?

Building Certification Proposal

  • Title and Registered Survey Plan search
  • Planning compliance check inclusive of overlay checks
  • Compliance check against applicable Queensland Development Codes
  • Infrastructure searches (if available)
  • Competent person license search and checks
  • Assessment of documents for compliance with deemed to satisfy provisions of the BCA and Building Act
  • Information request submission if applicable.
  • Issue Development Approval for Building Works
  • Council document lodgement fee
  • Final inspection (Form 21)
  • Issue and Archival of certificates.

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