Commercial Fit Outs

Commercial Fit Out Certifiers – Construction Certifications

Commercial fit-outs can be an expensive process. This is even more true if the design, building certification and safety measures are not done correctly. Therefore, a reliable shop fit-out and renovation building certifier should be one of your first considerations before a team of designers begins planning, designing, producing and installing the required structural alterations, fixtures and joinery.

A1 Certifier has built a reputation over the years for providing effective, timely and expert building certification and compliance consulting services to the commercial building sector.
Our experience and knowledge will help you navigate the essential building code process for future commercial construction sites.

Why do you need a building permit for a commercial fitout? 

Building permits ensure the safety of a construction project’s structure and are reviewed against the Australian Building Code and the Building and Plumbing (Queensland) Code. A licensed building certifier is responsible for verifying that the proposed work complies with the Building Act 1975.
Our building certification and consulting services include store facilities, shopping centres, warehouses, educational buildings, medical centres, assembly buildings, child care facilities, sewage treatment plants, apartment buildings, townhouses, aged care facilities, duplexes, historical buildings, office buildings etc

Experienced Construction Certifications

Our team of highly experienced certifiers is ready to assist you every step of the way, from concept to permitting, regardless of the extent or complexity of your residential building project.

  • Knowledgeable staff who provide clear, consistent and definitive advice.
  • We stand behind every piece of advice and work we perform.
  • Knowing that every client is unique, we always offer services tailored to your needs.
  • Prompt and reliable service
  • Good communication with our customers
  • Cost-effective – We offer competitive pricing compared to other certifiers.
  • Knowledgeable & Innovative Problem Solvers – Our team delivers fresh ideas and solutions to any obstacles.

What is included with my fee?

Building Certification Proposal

  • Title and Registered Survey Plan search
  • Planning compliance check inclusive of overlay checks
  • Compliance check against applicable Queensland Development Codes
  • Infrastructure searches (if available)
  • Competent person license search and checks
  • Assessment of documents for compliance with deemed to satisfy provisions of the BCA and Building Act
  • Information request submission if applicable.
  • Issue Development Approval for Building Works
  • Council document lodgement fee
  • Final inspection (Form 21)
  • Issue and Archival of certificates.

Ready to go? To get started we need

Signed agreement (refer attached owner consent and engagement confirmation)

Fees paid in full & receipt of payment sent to

Architectural Documentation inclusive of the following drawn by a suitably qualified person

  • Site Setout plan
  • Distance from the boundaries
  • Lot size
  • Registered Plan Number
  • Site coverage
  • Floor plan
  • Elevations and Section


Building Certification Proposal


Quote & Assessment

30 days
10 days

Provide plans
for quote

Action from Client

Quote sent
back to you

Action from Client

Sign Agreement &
make payment

Action from Client

Administration & Assessment carried out by certifier/town planner

Action from A1 Certifier

Certifier issues request for information (IR)

Action from A1 Certifier


Pending Approval

30 days
10 days
5 days

Send in requested docs from information request

Action from Client

Certifier assesses new information

Action from A1 Certifier

Pending plans have been provided and are all correct

Action from A1 Certifier

Plans approved & documents put together

Action from A1 Certifier

Approval lodged with council & sent to applicant

Action from A1 Certifier


Approved & finalising

6 months if pool or 12 months if demolition works or within 24 months

Building works can

Action from Client

Notify When building works is complete & book required inspection

Action from A1 Certifier

Provide forms, certificates & photos

Action from Client

Required inspections
carried out

Action from A1 Certifier

Certifier issues final approval
form 21 (17 if pool)

Action from A1 Certifier



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