Our Building Certifier Services

Cutting Through The Council Red Tape

We specialise in expert consulting, and our team has the capacity and experience to provide quality service for any project.
No matter what’s the size of the project- from pergolas to multi-storey high-rises and commercial buildings.
We trust open communication and a proactive approach to avoiding development challenges and giving new solutions.

We Help Cut Through The Red Tape When It Comes To Councils And Planning Permits

If you need a building permit for residential buildings, we are the people to contact. We’ll walk you through the steps to have your building permit issued as soon as possible so you can begin with your project.

During the design of the building, the permitting process and the construction phase, we can provide you with comprehensive advice to ensure that the building you design and construct meets all BCA and other regulatory requirements so that it is ready for occupancy and use upon completion.


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