Commercial Development – Building Certification

Building certification from Brisbane to Gold Coast

Whether building a residential development, a commercial building, or an addition to an existing property, a building permit and certification is required to ensure safety and compliance with relevant building codes in your area.
A building certification from a private certifier confirms that your building is compliant with local and state regulations.
This also applies to future developments or subdivisions.

A1 Certifiers, a team of building certifiers Australia, are:

  • Licensed by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC).
  • Licensed under Northern Territory

A1 Certifier- Private Certifiers Brisbane Services

Our accredited building certifiers on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and throughout Qld provide building permits for 

  • Residential buildings: apartments, guesthouses, apartment complexes, dormitories, balconies, decks, verandas and patios.
  • Commercial sites: motels, shopping centres, nightclubs, restaurants, office buildings, parking lots, etc.
  • Industrial zones: workshops, mills, factories, mechanical shops, warehouses, plant facilities, etc.
  • Community: school buildings, churches, daycare centres, gyms .
  • Store fitouts: Retail stores, restaurants, cafeterias.

Contact A1 Certifier, the qualified building certification consultants. 
Don’t delay organizing your building permits and risk non-compliance. We can help you ensure your building project meets industry standards and regulations. We provide our service throughout Queensland, including Northern Territory and Western Australia. 

What Is Building Certification?

In Queensland, it is a legal requirement to assess buildings and structures against the Building Assessment Regulations. These provisions include:

  • The Australian Building Code (Volumes 1 and 2 of the National Building Code).
  • Queensland Development Code.
  • Various other Queensland regulations.

Regardless of the size or scope of your building project, A1 Certifiers, the professional private building certifier Qld, offers the highest level of service. Our experienced construction industry professionals can certify your project through all construction phases to ensure a smooth process.

The building certifier will also cover the relevant permits and documentation required throughout the construction process, which must be submitted to your local council.

What is included with my fee?

Building Certification Proposal

  • Title and Registered Survey Plan search
  • Planning compliance check inclusive of overlay checks
  • Compliance check against applicable Queensland Development Codes
  • Infrastructure searches (if available)
  • Competent person license search and checks
  • Assessment of documents for compliance with deemed to satisfy provisions of the BCA and Building Act
  • Information request submission if applicable.
  • Issue Development Approval for Building Works
  • Council document lodgement fee
  • Final inspection (Form 21)
  • Issue and Archival of certificates.

Ready to go? To get started we need

Signed agreement (refer attached owner consent and engagement confirmation)

Fees paid in full & receipt of payment sent to

Architectural Documentation inclusive of the following drawn by a suitably qualified person

  • Site Setout plan
  • Distance from the boundaries
  • Lot size
  • Registered Plan Number
  • Site coverage
  • Floor plan
  • Elevations and Section


Building Certification Proposal


Quote & Assessment

30 days
10 days

Provide plans
for quote

Action from Client

Quote sent
back to you

Action from Client

Sign Agreement &
make payment

Action from Client

Administration & Assessment carried out by certifier/town planner

Action from A1 Certifier

Certifier issues request for information (IR)

Action from A1 Certifier


Pending Approval

30 days
10 days
5 days

Send in requested docs from information request

Action from Client

Certifier assesses new information

Action from A1 Certifier

Pending plans have been provided and are all correct

Action from A1 Certifier

Plans approved & documents put together

Action from A1 Certifier

Approval lodged with council & sent to applicant

Action from A1 Certifier


Approved & finalising

6 months if pool or 12 months if demolition works or within 24 months

Building works can

Action from Client

Notify When building works is complete & book required inspection

Action from A1 Certifier

Provide forms, certificates & photos

Action from Client

Required inspections
carried out

Action from A1 Certifier

Certifier issues final approval
form 21 (17 if pool)

Action from A1 Certifier



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