Pool Certifier

Swimming Pool Approvals 

The primary purpose of regulating swimming pools is to ensure that they are maintained and operated to reduce risk to public health and safety.
The role of the Council is to oversee the standard of operation of swimming pools. A1 Certifiers, Building Certification Consultants, in compliance with all local councils areas including the Brisbane City Council Pool Regulations.
We help our customers provide a safe and compliant swimming environment.

What does pool safety entail?

Current pool safety laws apply to many types of pools, regardless of when they were built or whether they are indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial.

All properties with a pool must have the following:

  • A pool enclosure that complies with the regulations; or
  • LA pool safety plan approved by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

To have a compliant pool barrier, you must:

  • Obtain building approval before the pool is installed.
  • Obtain a licensed building certifier certificate stating that the pool and pool barrier meet pool safety standards before the pool is filled with more than 300 millimetres of water.
  • Make sure the pool is registered with the QBCC.

Ensure smooth approval of your pool project

We often suggest that you come into our office to meet with our project building certifiers to talk about the type of swimming pool you would like to build and where you would like to place it on your property. We can also assist you with the paperwork required for the application process.

  • Our service areas for swimming pool approval

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Northern Territory, Western Australia and all of Queensland. Please do not hesitate to contact A1 Certifier if you require a pool certifier for listed areas. 

Call us to learn more about getting your pool approved.

What is include with my fee?

Building Certification Proposal

  • Title and Registered Survey Plan search
  • Planning compliance check inclusive of overlay checks
  • Compliance check against applicable Queensland Development Codes
  • Infrastructure searches (if available)
  • Competent person license search and checks
  • Assessment of documents for compliance with deemed to satisfy provisions of the BCA and Building Act
  • Information request submission if applicable.
  • Issue Development Approval for Building Works
  • Council document lodgement fee
  • Final inspection (Form 21)
  • Issue and Archival of certificates.

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