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Whether you are building a residential or a commercial building, or a structure on an existing lot, a building permit and certification is required to ensure safety and compliance with relevant building codes in your area.

Your construction project’s size does not matter, whether residential or commercial;
A1 Certifier’s experienced and professional building certification consultants
provide the highest level of service in certifying your project through all
construction phases.
We can assist you with all projects from building on Macleay island to being your
private building certifiers Gold Coast, or building certifiers Moreton Bay.

What Sets Us Apart
From Other Certifiers

If you are doing construction work of any kind or altering or repairing structural building work, whether residential or commercial, by law you must obtain the required construction certifications and building approvals from a registered private building certifier. 

Our certifiers can issue the necessary permits so your project can begin and remain compliant with regulatory agencies. 

A1 Certifier’s team of qualified building certifiers Australia are:

  • Licensed under QBCC.
  • Licensed by Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
  • Accredited Building Certifiers Australia
  • Fully licensed to assist as building certifiers Caboolture to building certifiers
    Sunshine Coast – throughout Queensland.

Our Building Certification Services:

A1 Certifier has experience with the entire building certification process and will assess
building works from start to finish.

Building Design Phase

We can assist with the design of the building by providing the following services:

  • Comprehensive construction consultation
  • Assessment and approval of building plans
  • Urban planning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ensuring that the building meets the requirements of local authorities
  • Confirmation that the building is ready for occupancy

What is include with my fee?

Building Certification Proposal

  • Title and Registered Survey Plan search
  • Planning compliance check inclusive of overlay checks
  • Compliance check against applicable Queensland Development Codes
  • Infrastructure searches (if available)
  • Competent person license search and checks
  • Assessment of documents for compliance with deemed to satisfy provisions of the BCA and Building Act
  • Information request submission if applicable.
  • Issue Development Approval for Building Works
  • Council document lodgement fee
  • Final inspection (Form 21)
  • Issue and Archival of certificates.

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