Terms & Conditions

  1. Making of an application to A1 Certifier Pty. Ltd.is deemed acceptance and understanding of the terms of engagement including payment requirements.
  2. Information forming any part of the submitted material, engagement agreement or any other information is accurate and it is clearly understood that it is an offence to provide false or misleading information.
  3. A1 Certifier Pty. Ltd.is authorized by the owner/applicant to sign forms and documents to facilitate statutory requirements.
  4. This fee proposal is valid for a period of 3 months, after which we reserve the right to vary proposal if necessary.
  5. This fee proposal is based on the information shown on the proposed plans provided. Until a proper application has been lodged, other matters may be outstanding or required, which will be determined when a complete assessment has been carried out.
  6. Payment is required at lodgment of application or by issue of preliminary report and further information requested.
  7. Pursuant to the Planning Act 2016 the certifier must be paid the fee agreed to, even if the certifier does not approve the application or certify works because of noncompliance with any applicable codes or other valid reason for refusing approval or certification.
  8. Lodgement of engagement notice to council will not be processed until application forms, documentation and payment is received (engagement).
  9. Building approvals are valid for 24 months from the date of the development building approval decision notice. (unless noted otherwise).  If approval is for a swimming pool, then approval is only valid for 6 months prior to expiration.  A demolition approval is valid for 12 months.
  10. Removal home approvals are valid for 12 months from the date of the approval decision notice being granted.
  11. Final assessments not completed within the conditioned time will incur additional fees for an extension of time (where possible) or may require a new building approval.
  12. Extensions of time may be granted subject to legislative provisions and application fee.
  13. All Easements and covenants which burden the site must be identified by the property owner or builder and indicated appropriately to A1 Certifier Pty Ltd.  A1 Certifier Pty Ltd accepts no liability for non-disclosure of the abovementioned site encumbrances.
  14. Assessment of performance/alternate building solutions may incur an additional fee at our discretion.
  15. A1 Certifier and its directors and employees accept no liability for and excludes any responsibility for consequential losses incurred by the property owner, applicant, or builder.
  16. Any Claim arising shall be capped at a maximum of $2,000,000.00 ($2 million Dollars) per claim, including court and legal fees. Claims in excess of this shall not be covered by A1 Certifier Pty Ltd.


  1. At the time this Proposal was provided, no property or town planning searches have been conducted for the mentioned property. Upon engagement of A1 Certifier, we will conduct all the relevant property and town planning searches required for the specific property and in the event additional assessment are required a Request for information will be sent and the project will be place on hold until all required information has been received. Any additional applications or council fees required will be invoiced to the client direct.
  2. In the event that unlawful work and or enforcement action is not disclosed to A1 Certifier at the time of enquiry this Fee Proposal may become null and void.
  3. Price fixed guarantee is for the building assessment only and excludes any additional services that me be applicable.  Please refer additional services schedule for fees and understand that by signing this agreement, if additional services are triggered and or required, that you are agreeing to the payment of the fees nominated.


  1. The applicant may disengage and cancel the application at any time in writing.
  2. Cancellation after engagement but prior to preliminary assessment: – Retention of 20% of overall fee.
  3. Cancellation after assessment but prior to Decision Notice: – Refund of inspection fees and Council Lodgment Fees only
  4. Cancellation after Decision Notice: – Refund of inspection fees only.
  5. A1 Certifier Pty. Ltd. may disengage and cancel any building approval if payment is not made within the terms set out in the Engagement Agreement.
  6. A1 Certifier Pty. Ltd. may disengage:
    1. If the applicant does not respond to further information requests within 12 months – The application lapses and cannot be revived.
    2. If final inspection and all certificates and outstanding work are not completed within the condition date of the development building approval decision notice.
    3. If the applicant or builder fails to comply with the conditions of approval and/or any notices from local authorities.
    4. If the client, owner, builder, or another representative of the aforementioned are rude, intentionally misleading, threatening, or defamatory to any; employees, representatives of A1 Certifier Pty Ltd. or the company itself.
    5. If unable to remain licensed with the regulatory authority.


    1. Time taken by A1 Certifier Pty. Ltd.to obtain approvals or documentation from statutory authorities. These include and are not limited by town planning advice, building relaxations, build over sewers or storm water, house removals to comply with area, natural assets, plumbing, Health Department, Family Services etc.
    2. Payment of statutory fees required by any Act or Regulations.
    3. Responses to or issues of notices and Local Authority queries.
    4. Assessment, acceptance and certification of alternative solutions or concessional approvals under the Standard Building Regulations.
    5. Cost of printing the necessary sets of plans.