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How Does Building Certification Work?

Building certification is the process of independently inspecting and approving building work to ensure that it meets all safety, health, amenity and sustainability standards at three different levels.

A building certifier is notified by the builder and to inspect and sign off work at different stages in the construction. Approvals are sent to the building owner each time it is approved

See Form 16 – Inspection Certificate 

building certifier Brisbane

The inspections for all Class 1a to Class 10 buildings

Building are classed into categories.

A1 Certifier deals with all building classifications but majority of our work is with Class 1a Buildings which are residential homes.

Class 1a building are houses or dwellings of a domestic or residential nature. They will be stand alone houses, duplex units, town houses, villa units or terrace houses.

Mandatory inspections of Class 1a and Class 10 buildings.

  • Footing – after the excavation of the foundation material and before the pouring of concrete for the footings or floor slab of the building.
  • Floor slab – if the building is to have a floor slab – after the formwork and reinforcement for the floor slab have been placed, but before the concrete for the floor slab is poured.
  • Frame – inspection of the frame (refer to the breakdown of the frame stage in section 44 of the Building Regulations 2021).
  • Final acceptance – inspection of all outstanding items and obtaining certificates, e.g. termite protection, installation of membranes in wet areas, glazing, smoke detectors and energy efficiency.

The final inspection of a Class 1a buildings that we have to ensure meet all standards are the following areas :

  • Siteworks and drainage
  • Termite management systems
  • Damp and weatherproofing
  • Fire safety
  • Health and amenity
  • Safe movement and access
  • Construction of wet areas
  • Glazing
  • Sub-floor ventilation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water saving measures.

How Our Certification Process Works

One area of confusion when people are engaging a building certifier.

A building certifier does not manage a building project and nor are we building inspectors!

Our primary role is to ensure that the builder is carrying out the construction work to the approved building plans and each mandatory stage passes the standards directed by local councils, the state government and the National Construction Code.

A1 Certifier prides themselves in ensuring that the builders we work with complete the construction work to the highest standards.

We do not turn a blind eye to substandard work as we must sign off all work and our reputation and licensing is on the line.

Should there be any elements of the building work that is not to plan, we are able to provide advice on what your builder must do to make corrections so that the build is compliant. 

We will always keep our clients informed of the stages that their construction work approvals are at.
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